Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery, in times not so far gone, used to be a secretive affair but has become as commonplace as exercising or following a diet to stay fit these days.

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery pegs annual expenditure of cosmetic procedures by Australians at 1 billion. In 2020, it was reported that non-invasive procedures like dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections rose by 25% and 14% respectively.

The desire to have an appealing physical appearance is what drives people to opt for elective cosmetic surgery. This is quite different from reconstructive surgery which is done to correct disfigurement caused by birth defect, medical condition, or accident. The earliest instance of such reconstructive surgery is believed to have taken place in the 1400s, while ancient Indian scripture Sushruta Samhita dating back to the 8th century BCE details the skin-grafting procedure.

Despite its history and the present outlook, cosmetic surgery still warrants serious considerations before embarking on the body image alteration journey. And the primary concern is the professional who will perform the procedure – whether the person is adequately trained and has enough experience, and are the surgeon and the client on the same page regarding the procedure and the outcome.

Here are some tips for selecting the right cosmetic surgeon.


1.   Do Your Homework  

The local hospital will have the information regarding qualified cosmetic surgeons in your locality. Your general practitioner can give you feedback about the reliability of such professionals. You could also ask friends and family about their experiences with cosmetic procedures and their recommendations. Apart from gathering references, do your research and compile a list of consultants in your area.


2.   Cross-Check Credentials and Experience

You wouldn’t like to risk your appearance under the scalpel of an inexperienced or untrained quack, would you? As per the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, a credible cosmetic surgeon should be listed on the RACS’ website and accredited by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. Your surgeon should have completed specialist surgeon training and practice only in accredited medical facilities.


3.   Be Clear About What You Want  

Introspect if you really need the alteration or enhancement in your appearance. You must be sure of what you want out of the cosmetic procedure. Understand that cosmetic surgery aims to improve your looks but by no means can make you look like Adonis. So, have practical expectations and don’t be lured by so-called trends.


4.   Take Multiple Opinions

During the initial consultation, the surgeons would examine you thoroughly, understand your expectations, and suggest the best procedure for the same. They would also explain the practicalities of the procedure to you and answer any questions that you would be having regarding the treatment. Taking multiple opinions would help you decide the practitioner you are most comfortable with. You have to feel at ease with the surgeon who would be treating you.


5.   Check the Risk Factors

Surgeries involve altering parts of your body. Naturally, there would be some risk elements involved. Ask your surgeon in detail regarding the potential risk factors in the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask about their experience in the procedure that you are planning to undergo.


6.   Ask A Lot of Questions

 Make sure you check with the surgeon about the post-operative care provided at the medical facility. Whether the same is included in the overall cost of the procedure. Ask if you’d feel any discomfort after the procedure? And how to manage such discomfort. Another important question to ask is about post-operative side effects like scarring and how to handle such issues. You may also want to consider if you have to take time off from work due to the procedure.


7.   A Detailed Cost Schedule

Cost is an important aspect to consider for any medical procedures. Understand in detail each cost component involved in the procedure. Ask your consultant to give the cost schedule in writing so that there is no scope of ambiguity and you are not surprised with an enormous bill after the procedure is concluded.


8.   Take it Easy

After your initial consultations, go through the individual surgeons’ advice. If you have any doubts regarding any aspect of the procedure, go back for another round of consultation. Even after you decide about going ahead with a particular surgeon, do not rush into it. If you feel that your preferred surgeon is pressuring you in any way to jump into the procedure, consider it as a red flag and strike off their name from your list.

At Absolute Cosmetic Medicine our patient-focused team of qualified Doctors, trained Nurses and skilled Technicians has been offering treatments for 20 years in Perth. With a record of treating over 70,000 patients, we offer a safe and positive environment for your cosmetic aspirations. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, consult our experts today.



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