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Purium: The Company

Based on the CORE 3 ideal that proteins, fruits, and […]

Are GMO Foods and Glyphosate Affecting Our Gut?

GM Foods May Be Destroying Vital Bacteria Genetically modified foods […]

Why All the GMO Fuss?

Carcinogenic In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified […]

Overweight diet danger

You Won’t Believe How Much More Junk Food We’re Eating 20 Years On

Over the last twenty years, the portions of unhealthy foods […]

Sprays – 4 pack (Control, Chill, Charge, Ease)

Live your best day, with a spray! Spray away your […]

Spray Ease 1 oz

Naturally EASE your body from daily wear and tear. This […]

Spray Control 1 oz

CONTROL your appetite and boost your metabolism, in 20 seconds. […]

Spray Chill 1 oz

CHILL your nerves and calm your energy, in seconds. Ingredients […]

Spray Charge 1 oz

Get an all-natural CHARGE of energy, without the jitters or […]

Injury Recovery Pack

Whether you’re running a marathon or just walking your dog, […]