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How To Improve Patient Care As A Nurse

As a nurse, it’s your job to help others to be and stay healthy over the years. You likely love what you do because it makes you feel good and you know you’re making someone else’s life better. You have a lot of power as a healthcare provider and control over how you function and […]

7 Ways to Have a Positive Outlook and Promote Wellbeing

A positive outlook and positive wellbeing have profound impacts on your quality of life. If you’re able to have these, you’ll be able to experience self-confidence, have healthy relationships with others, be engaged with society, be productive and be able to handle the natural stresses of life. Conversely, those who are struggling with these things […]

Examining the Changing Face of Modern Medicine

More and more, problems that people have commonly faced are being diagnosed more accurately. For example, arthritis is now no longer just an ailment that old people get. It can now be traced back to the root cause disorder which is more specific, and from there it can be better treated and hopefully even combated […]

5 Apps to Help Students Live the Healthiest Life

In the pursuit of higher education and a distinguished diploma, students will spend a lot of time studying.  It is important for good health to keep a good life balance and remember some of life’s simple pleasures.  If your studies and student life starts to overwhelm you it can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.  […]

Can Exercise Help Symptoms of Depression?

It is estimated that 7.1% of the United States population has experienced at least one depressive episode in the past 12 months, making depression the leading mental disorder in the country. Often people will take to Google, looking for natural remedies or ways to help alleviate symptoms without using medication. One common recommendation is that […]

How Often Should You See Your Dentist? Here’s an Explanation

Everyone is aware that if you would like to maintain your oral health that you need to make an appointment with your dentist. However, what most people don’t know is just how often they need to see their dental practitioner. This is because there are often so many contradicting statements out there!

How to Handle Estate Planning for the Elderly with Dementia

Dementia is a disease that slowly degrades the mental functions and capacity of its victims. Persons with dementia do not only suffer short-and-long term memory loss; they also lose the ability to reason, understand, and carry out basic mental operations. It is a difficult condition to live with because it comes on slowly and the […]

What Happens During an MRI Scan?

During your life you may experience a health problem that has your GP referring you for an MRI, a particular type of scan that allows specialists to better identify certain conditions or health afflictions. In the UK, this can include patients preparing for proton beam therapy or radiotherapy, those who have received injuries to the […]

6 Great Reasons to Try Coolsculpting

Go ahead and take a guess at what cool sculpting is. Is it a new workout program? An interesting new pottery class? Something that combines fitness and pottery?                                Although the last option may be interesting to at least try, cool sculpting is none of the above.

IVF 101: How to Prepare for IVF Treatment

Bringing home a little bundle of joy is about the best thing parents can do. Everything about them is perfect, from the tiny toes to the tiny hands. Even though they’ll be doing nothing but screaming, pooping, and sleeping for the next few months, there’s not a lot you would change.