Calories Burned On A Treadmill

Using a treadmill to use up calories is a good plan and it might be a bit more helpful if you learned how many calories you actually burned in your running session. There are several factors that determine treadmill calories burned and these include weight, stride length, exercise intensity, speed, efficiency, incline and holding onto […]

ovulation calendar

Signs of Ovulation; Symptoms, Myths, and Facts

Women normally start looking for signs of ovulation when they are working on getting pregnant. The idea is to find the exact day when you are ovulating and then get as much sex in those few days as you can, to increase your chances of making baby. That would be fine idea if we were […]

Fast food plate

Avoid the “Take-Home-Box” Overload

Your losing weight, watching your calories and having success, you are even watching portion control when at restaurants but beware of “Take-Home Box Overload”.  This is what happens inside your refrigerator as a result of you brining home all of those take-home boxes from restaurants because you are not finishing your meal.

People exercising in gym

Burning Calories Aerobically

Aerobic exercise can range from walking to aerobics classes and on through running, jogging, rowing, skiing or anything that increases the heart rate and respiratory rate. After weeks of exercise or planning a new workout routine many people ask how many calories does aerobic exercise burn?