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Thoughts for the Holidays

Holidays do not need to be a time to binge on food. Learn how to celebrate Christ’s birthday in other ways. Although you can grant yourself the freedom to eat without guilt when you are hungry – savoring the tastes of your favorite holiday foods with pleasure – you can also make the day special […]

4 Steps To Repairing Trust In Your Relationship

Step 3:  There Must be Genuine Sorrow on the Part of the Betrayer. This also is a key to rebuilding trust.  Without it, it’s like building a brick wall without cement.  The goal of rebuilding trust is that at some point there is genuine sorrow on the part of the one who lived the lie, […]

Angry Parenting

Are You Angry At God?

Ten Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Counseling Experience

10 Tips When Disaster Strikes

The Plan

Tips For Successful Weight Loss

There are literally hundreds of weight loss programs to choose from.  At the bookstores, the weight loss section with blow your mind.  Some of these programs are very involved, but there are simple ways that we can lose weight as well.  If you’re considering embarking on a weight loss program, take a look at the […]

31 Affirmations To Take Your Life Back

10 Strategies to Cope With the Urge to Overeat

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