Tony Scelzo

Criticism is a Good Thing

Did you ever get some momentum in your life and feel like you are moving in the right direction and get some unsolicited criticism?  You found yourself running into a couple of people who just decided to go out of their way and tell you how they thought you were doing.

Your Feelings Lie

In the Matters of You, There is that little matter about how you feel about all this.  .  .  Whether you feel what is right or not.  Your feelings lie and they hold you back allot of times from getting where you really want to be.

What is BMI

Change Your Mind

Backdrop,  I love college basketball.  .  .  I am a Michigan State grad and think Tom Izzo is the best coach ever.  .  .  I have also believed that John Calipari was what was wrong with what is happening to college sports and more that one time have referred to him in a sentence w/ […]

Digital Diet

Sounds like a no-brainer but let me tell you when you add a phone to the mix you would be very surprised how this focus gets sliced and diced and the other people that mean the most to us don’t get the focus they deserve or we want to give them. Take a digital diet […]

It’s Time to Make Your Sleep Important

Hey You, In the Matters of You. We in western civilization have celebrated the “work ethic” to much. Yes that’s right I said it. . To the detriment of our health. Americans have accepted no celebrated the sacrifice of their sleep and therefore their health for the accomplishment of more.

Positive Procrastination?

Hey You, In the Matters of You. There is part of your brain called the subconscious and it can solve some really big problems for you it you let it.  So you have this big project,  big goal or big problem you are working on sometimes you need to just take a break from it. […]

Eat What You Want

Hey You, In the Matters of You.  There is your diet.  .  .  and as much as you try you seem not to be able to stick to it.  There is the matter of it.  I mean we all have foods we like that can get us to breakdown and come off our diet.

Right Now!

Hey You, There is that thing that has been nagging you.  The business you want too start,  the thing you want to do for someone you love or the person you need to tell you are sorry.

Sleep Matters

Hey You, In the Matters of your sleep. Tim Ferris designed a 6 figure, four hour work week and has continued to be one of the best “Life Hackers” in the world today. . . His Blog is s a must read if you want to hack health, and wealth.

The Accountability Trap

Hey You, In the Matters of You, Did you know that you know what you need to do to change your life? Your gut is telling you exactly what to do.