1 in 4 American Workers Struggles With Back Pain

In a report from Annals of Internal Medicine, a study was done in which about 19,000 working adults were surveyed on if they had experienced lower back pain, on if they thought it was work related, and whether or not it was affected their current work. The study found that over a quarter of the workers surveyed said that they did experienced some kind of lower back pain. The majority of those experiencing lower back pain worked in physically demanding jobs such as construction, maintenance and cleaning. Studies have shown that this could contribute to the lower back pain because of the constant and repeating motions that they perform in their jobs. There has been dispute to the study on if there is actual causation between the working conditions and lower back pain because there are so many other factors that may contribute to it and because of the absent of specific incidents to cause it. Obesity is also a major factor on people having lower back pain. All in all, the study found that over 1 in every 4 working American experience this kind of lower back pain and they should talk to their employers to figure out a solution to their problems whether it be physical therapy or drugs to ease the pain.

Key Points:

  • 1Lower back pain is under reported to employers and doctors.
  • 2Age and weight are contributing factors to lower back pain.
  • 3Causation is hard to determine, but manual labor can make it worse.

In all, that’s more than a quarter of the workforce reporting lower back pain severe enough to affect their ability to work

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