3 Benefits of Improving Your Posture

3 Benefits of Improving Your Posture

Adopting a healthier diet and getting more exercise are noble goals. However, many people who wish to improve their health, appearance and well-being don’t often consider the benefits of improving their posture. Many people have bad posture due to footwear and long periods seated at the computer. Here are three benefits gained by developing better posture:

Reduce Muscle Strain

Reduce muscle strain in your neck, shoulders and lower back by practicing good posture. Do you hunch over your computer screen? Is your back slumped while seated? Poor posture strains muscles, leading to discomfort, fatigue, and headaches.

Look Thinner and More Attractive

Standing up straight instantly can instantly remove up to three inches from your waistline. That’s a faster reduction than any fad diet or workout regime has ever been able to claim! For women, standing up straight elevates the breasts and pulls in the stomach, creating a longer torso and more enviable breast-to-waist ratio.

Men also benefit when standing at their full height. Taller men are typically seen as more attractive. Men who feel self-conscious about their shorter height can add a few visual inches by standing up straight and using their full height. The smaller waistline created by a good posture also helps.

Greater Strength and Agility

Good posture requires that you engage your core abdominal and back muscles. If you improve your core strength through standing up straight, you reduce your risk of back strain. Well-developed core strength also contributes to good balance and physical agility. If you feel hopelessly klutzy, you may want to start thinking about your posture and engaging your core muscles more.

Less Risk of Bone Deformity

Bones are constantly forming new cells, and they respond to chronic pressure to change shape overtime. That