5 Things You Don’t Know about Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can cause serious physical and psychological problems in a person’s life that everyone may not realize. Chronic pain has been linked to limited activity levels, weakened immune systems, concentration problems, lack of motivation and psychological distress. Limited activity levels and lack of motivation can lead to more significant problems such as weight gain, depression and a weakened immune system. Weight gain is a cause of increased chronic pain conditions. Also chronic pain has been linked to an inability to concentrate and psychological distress due to altered brain morphology and inflammation in various regions of the brain. The resulting symptoms may be a contributing factor to memory loss and high suicide rates among sufferers. Treatment consisting of interventional procedures, physical therapy and behavioral health care can help return chronic pain sufferers to healthy, active lifestyles.

Key Points:

  • 1Pain has been proven to weaken the immune system.
  • 2Pain leads to an inability to concentrate.
  • 3Pain is linked to serious psychological distress.

Pain is particularly linked with higher rates of cancer recurrence and mortality, especially for those with breast, head and neck, lung and colorectal cancers.

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