A Comprehensive Guide To Dealing With Neck Pain

Neck pains can hurt. If you have been facing it off late, you’re at the right article.  

While cervical and neck pain are not as common as lower back pain, the latter has increased recently. Many people experience stiffness in their necks or injury to their neck muscles at one point in their lives. You feel your neck muscles can’t take the strain, whether you ride your bike/car or sit in a chair at work.  

Acute pain, stiffness, numbness, and tingling can be noticed by neck pain victims. Unfortunately, people resort to quick relief sprays and over-the-counter painkillers for immediate relief. These remedies can sometimes work, and they may make you feel better temporarily. However, they have severe side effects in the long term and must be avoided.

We have compiled the top 5 causes of neck pain that are directly or indirectly related to today’s lifestyle. Know these causes and take the requisite steps to avoid this from happening.  



Smoking is often seen as a way to relieve pain and manage discomfort. However, it can cause severe side effects and can also affect pain medication and ongoing treatment for back and neck pain.

Not only that, smoking is one of the leading causes of chronic back and neck pain. This can contribute to Osteoporosis as well as the failure of spinal discs. Note that your nervous system can also be affected by tobacco use.    


Continuous Texting on the Phone

Your spinal health is greatly affected by constantly looking at your phone, even scrolling through social media. Our necks are bent forward a lot, which can cause damage to the neck’s bones, ligaments, and joints.  

The increased use of smartphones has led to deformities such as Osteoporosis and Hunchback. These conditions can cause your spine to curve, creating a hump-like appearance at the back of your neck.


The Work Pattern

Many people work at a desk and are required to sit on their chairs for long periods of time. This opens the person to a host of health issues.  

Ensure that you sit straight up when you’re in front of your computer. The monitor should always be at your eye level, and your eyes should be straight at the screen’s center. Try not to bend down. Moreover, the monitor should never be angled to the left or right.  


Lack of Exercise

You’re slowly rusting your body if you aren’t exercising. You may want to stop being a couch potato and consider working out.  

Inactivity can cause spinal problems, such as neck and lower back pain. You may feel stiff, tighten your muscles, and have difficulty performing everyday activities. Exercise improves blood flow, strengthens muscle tissue, and sends rich blood full of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.


Uncomfortable Pillows

It is essential to choose suitable pillows for comfort and support. Avoid stacking multiple pillows under your head, as this can cause your head to bend forward. Make sure to preserve the natural curve of the neck and keep your cervical spine in neutral alignment.  

Too soft or hard pillows could be your neck’s enemy as these strain your neck. Moreover, if you sleep sideways or flat on the back, make sure your neck is not twisting awkwardly.  


Precautions to Take

Apart from the tips mentioned above, please take these precautions:

  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. It nourishes and hydrates the discs between your vertebrae.  
  • Avoid carrying uneven weights, as it can strain one side of your body.  
  • Some symptoms of neck pain may be caused by spinal issues as well. These symptoms include pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness of the arms, hands, and shoulders.  


Final Word

Injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your neck may heal in a matter of days or weeks. So, if it is a minor issue, don’t stress over it. However, consider chiropractor Spokane WA if your pain is persistent and needs attention.  



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