AirFeet – Dynamic vs Static Insoles

A fun and lighthearted overview of the primary differences between the terms “static” and “dynamic” in the consumer industry. According to the video, “static” implies lack of change or action and is considered boring, with a lack of progress. Conversely, dynamic describes innovative, exciting, ever-changing, and new technologies. Dynamic, in the context of this video, is exactly what a consumer should be looking for when purchasing insoles for their footwear. The video next details the amount of bones, joints, and muscles contained in the human foot and ankle. The narrator states that consumers repeatedly buy “static” footwear, despite the fact that our feet and ankles are complicated organs requiring adaptable technology for optimum health and freedom of movement. The video ends after the narrator reiterates the importance of a quality insole such as AirFeet, to meet consumers ever-changing needs.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Static lifestyle is no movement or progress.
  • 2Dynamic lifestyle is moving staying on top of what is new.
  • 3Airfeet insoles protect your feet in a dynamic lifestyle.

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