All You Need To Know About Neck Decompression

Neck pain and tension are normal issues influencing many individuals in almost every corner of the globe. One of the growing number of cases found in Tucker, GA — a city located in DeKalb County.

Long tiring office hours or even a wrong sleeping position can cause significant stress on your body, especially your neck. You might find this uneasiness when it comes to your neck, and while it is never an easy task to make it go away, you will always try to crack it for a feeling of relaxation.

Fortunately, alleviation from these conditions is conceivable easy by utilizing a broadly fruitful, basic, and modest strategy for a treatment known as neck decompression. Neck Decompression, also known as cervical traction, is an easy yet effective way to eliminate this uneasiness.

In this article, we will discuss and explore all about cervical traction, along with the health benefits it offers. It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing it for the first time or trying to eliminate or find a simple remedy to manage this issue for years, cervical traction can easily deliver pain and uneasiness relief.


What is Neck Decompression?

While the term might sound like a fancy medical term, it is a simple process that can be performed at your house. Simply put into words; it is to gently pull your head away from your body so that your muscle in the neck and upper back stretches and space is created between your vertebrae. Though the process sounds easy, and is, there are several ways to achieve this kind of moment. Let us list down a few;

  • Manual Neck Traction: This method is usually performed by a physical therapist who is professional and experienced and exactly why it is recommended to go see one. The therapist uses their hands to apply a pulling force, sudden yet firm and steady and then releases the head while the patient is laying on their head.
  • Mechanical Cervical Traction: As the name suggests, a harness attached to either a machine or pulling system is used to pull the head away from the shoulders. One needs to ensure that the patient’s head and neck completely fit the harness to avoid other complexity.
  • The Door Cervical Traction: Mostly used at your home. Generally, the person will lie on the floor and use the sling and door to create a similar motion like a pulley system

Take note that your head is a sensitive and important part of your body, and it is heavier than you might suspect. That is a huge weight for the spine to haul around when particularly; the focal point is out of alignment due to poor posture. At the point when used consistently, neck decompression can manage constant pain in your neck, shoulder, and even head pain.


Cervical Traction Benefits

When performed reliably and securely, a cervical neck foothold can bring about plenty of positive results on the body. With ordinary treatment and neck decompression tools, you eliminate uneasiness in the neck region and can get comfort. Apart from these benefits, there are numerous other benefits that you must know:

  • Muscles and tendons around the spinal rope that may have gotten tight and tense over long periods of stress, injury, and stance issues can start to unwind and loosen up.
  • The region between vertebrae in the spine, which can often get compacted, squeezed, or lopsided, starts to grow and recover its typical, solid degree of room. This takes into consideration a superior progression of blood and supplements along the body’s normal expressway.
  • The improved blood circulation increases oxygen levels near the spinal region. This increases adaptability for the neck and upper back — people are often shocked by how effective it is on their bodies and their general personal satisfaction.
  • Cervical traction is a straightforward treatment for pinched nerves. The complex veins, nerves, and circles around the spinal string are generally a very delicate region. Even apparently minor shocks, knocks, or thumps can cause genuine wounds that have tremendous adverse outcomes. Exactly why any treatment around there can make critical improvements in wellbeing and prosperity.

With the fast lifestyle and busy working schedule of any individual, it is widespread that muscle around the spine can be too tight and stressful. While the vertebrae can lose their common arrangement from injuries suffered throughout time, improper posture developed due to bad habits, or even a simple aging factor. Pain, uneasiness, and a decreased scope of movement are all spinal misalignment symptoms, and luckily for us, cervical traction can give relief.


Other Benefits

Scientific studies and investigations prove that cervical traction is an excellent method for treating numerous conditions influencing the neck, shoulder, and upper back zone. Consistent use of this method has shown significant and long-lasting improvement in the following conditions:

  • Protruding or herniated plates
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Fits
  • Injuries

If you experience any of these medical conditions, you would surely know how discomforting these can be in everyday life and can ruin your daily mood, or even make you irritated or lethargic. By pulling the head away from the shoulders, this method is very beneficial for your spine’s general well-being and all the areas accompanying it. The method makes space between the vertebrae and loosens up nearby muscle and even tendons, allowing the body to be much more flexible and mobile. Not only it can reduce stiffness around tight muscle – can be frustrating at times – but also improve the range of movement that might have shrunk due to bad posture and tight muscles.


Side Effects

It is generally safe to perform neck decompression, yet the outcomes can never be the same for every individual. The treatment is usually pain-free, but it can depend on person to person and their condition.

There is a chance that you might encounter results like cerebral pain, headache, or even dizziness. It means you need to stop and let a chiropractor in Tucker GA examine and advise you regarding the primary care you need to take.

It also possible, in case you are not gentle, that you might harm your tissues, neck, or even the spine – exactly why a professional physician is always recommended. In any case, if you experience the following issues, hire a professional chiropractor:

  • Joint inflammation
  • A new injury or uneasiness in the neck region
  • A known tumor in the neck area
  • Problems or blockage with arteries
  • osteoporosis



You must adhere to any guidance provided by the doctor and instructions written on any neck decompression tool to ensure your wellbeing. Also, make sure that you follow each instruction carefully with proper attention to every detail. Moreover, using the appropriate amount of weight is very important as the neck is a delicate area, and using more weight can permanently harm it.

It is always recommended not to overexert any force while doing cervical traction Rather, it should be performed gently. Remember; discontinue using it in case that you experience bothersome pain or irritation.

Always talk to your doctor before starting any treatment you get on the internet. They know your physical condition better and discuss effective ways to solve your neck pain problems. They can help you with a proper exercise routine to help you with what exactly you need.



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