Why Does My Ankle Still Hurt Months After I Sprained It?

Why Does My Ankle Still Hurt Months After I Sprained It?

Spraining an ankle can be a very painful injury and can take time to heal. It is common for people to continue to experience pain several months after the injury. If the injury does not heal properly the pain can continue for months or even years following the injury. About half of patients end up with an unstable ankle after an injury because certain ligaments did not heal correctly. This issue can be easily rehabbed through treatment. This involves wearing an ankle brace as well as doing exercises and then work up to doing balance exercises on a wobble board. The video shares resources on where to find more detailed information on healing from a sprained ankle and other ankle injuries.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Spraining of the ankle being a common problem, and what happens in the body when that happens.
  • 2What they do to fix the problems, therapies, ankle brace, continued visits to the doctor.
  • 3Go to the website to find out when you should see a podiatrist and for more details on what to do.


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