Brain Freeze: Celebs Numbly Embrace Cryotherapy , Unfounded Claims & All

The latest celebrity fad is immersing themselves into cylinders of extremely frigid air, thereby turning themselves into human icicles to supposedly relieve stress and pain and give other health benefits. Some athletes are also praising this icy treatment which consists of getting into a chamber that is often 275 degrees below zero. While it is getting popular among the famous folks, the Federal Food and Drug Administration say there is absolutely no benefits from this action. It seems that the prior fad was infrared saunas that generated a huge amount of heat which was also touted to be of great health benefit. It appears these folks can’t make up their mind if they want to be cold or hot – in fact some of them practice both activities. While this seems ludicrous, be aware that this is very dangerous and even fatal in some cases.

Key Points:

  • 1A legion of celebrities are dunking themselves in cylinders of super-chilled air — all in the name of stress and pain relief.
  • 2Unfortunately for all the patrons of these spas, none of these claims are verifiable. The Food and Drug Administration agrees.
  • 3So if it’s not clear by now, best practice is to stay away from these insta-people-popsicle machines, and leave the freeze-dried business to instant coffee makers.

So what is cryotherapy, and what do its users claim it produces? Spa customers walk into a full-body chamber, which is filled with super-chilled air at temperatures dropping as low as 275 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. This frigid folly lasts just three to five minutes, depending on the person and temperature selected.

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