Can You Experience the Same Pain Differently?

Pain is certainly experienced in different ways. However, the notion of pain as subjective and person-specific is changing with the advent of pain psychology and chronic pain rehabilitation. It is now possible for individuals to reduce their pain, carrying on with everyday activities rather than allowing their pain to rob them of the pleasure of living each day. The notion of pain rehabilitation is quite revolutionary, demonstrating that people can live with pain, and even come to feel less pain. An increased and more efficient means of handling and dealing with chronic pain results in the ability for people to ultimately experience less pain and displeasure. When people are able to find more meaningful and beneficial modes for living with their pain, they are much happier and generally more healthy. Hence, the manner by which psychology serves to address pain, enables people to truly live their lives quite freely, even in the presence what would have otherwise been considerable pain–had they not be provided the mechanisms for approaching the pain in a very different fashion.

Key Points:

  • 1The experience of pain differs across individuals and can even differ in the same individual across time.
  • 2With the help of pain psychology and chronic pain rehabilitation, people come to cope better with pain.
  • 3When people cope well with pain, they literally experience it differently than someone who isn’t coping well.

In other words, the subjective nature of pain is such that different people can have different experiences of pain and what this shows is that it is possible to experience pain differently than how you experience it today.

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