Exercise For Arthritis Pain

When you are all bent with arthritis pain in your joints, the last thing on your mind is lacing your jogging shoes and hitting the trails. All you want to do is curl up in your sofa, rest and wait for the pain to be over. But, all scientific evidence points towards exercise as much faster way of ending your suffering.

What exercise does to your arthritis?

Exercise is necessary for healthy, painless joints. To keep them healthy and mobile, you have to move them regularly. Exercise helps move nutrients into the joint cartilage and waste out of it and you know that healthy cartilage protects your joints like soft buffers.

Moving also strengthens your muscles and strong muscles provide great support to the joints. Exercise helps you keep healthy weight. Carrying around extra weight is a big burden to your joints.

Exercise also improves your general health and energy level. It makes you sleep better, helps with depression, supports healthy heart and blood circulation. It also gives you that shot of endorphin, a ” Ëœhappy” â„¢ hormone.

What kind of exercise

If you do about 10 minutes of moderate-intensity, low-impact physical activity of any kind, you are following the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, regardless of their level of health. Unfortunately, most people, even the healthy ones, do not do even this modest minimum. Chose what you prefer: aerobics or muscle strengthening, they both work well. Yoga, tai chi and swimming are also options.

You should start with range-of-motion exercises. They provide light stretching that makes joints move to their maximum range of motion. These are exercises that should be done daily in order to keep the joints from getting stiff and deformed.

Strengthening exercises are next on your list. Strong muscles support joints and keep you mobile and active in spite of your arthritis. As long as you can be active, your mood will be high and your quality of live good.

Don’t forget to go through warming up and cooling down. Warming up is particularly important to avoid injury. Get a good pair of running shoes and treat yourself with a nice, colorful exercise outfit. You might as well look good while you are doing all that good for your health. Don”t overdo it. Talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot do. And try to enjoy yourself.


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