Five Minutes Each Day Can Help You Avoid Chronic Back Pain

Five Minutes Each Day Can Help You Avoid Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is not just an older person’s problem. Sedentary lifestyles and work environments have forced people of all ages to look for solutions to back pain. However, instead of using medications and massages to respond to back pain, your best bet for living a pain-free life is to avoid back pain altogether.

The most effective way to do that is through core strength. By developing a strong, healthy core, your body will always have the support it needs to function properly, thus preventing back pain in the future. When performed regularly, a few simple exercises can dramatically reduce your likelihood of dealing with back pain. These exercises are:

  • Plank positions
  • Leg lifts
  • Bicycles

Plank Positions

These exercises are performed by holding a position for a set amount of time. You’ll feel like the exercise is simple at the beginning–but the difficulty will become readily apparent as you spend time holding the position.

To begin, take a position like you would when performing a push-up. However, instead of resting on the palms of your hands, bend your arms at the elbow and rest your weight on your forearms. Now, just hold that position for as long as you can while remembering to breathe naturally. Shoot for 30 seconds at th