Follow These Simple Habits & Say Goodbye to Joint Pain This Winter

Joint pain can be a real problem in the winter for the elderly, but nowadays, it’s affecting even the younger crowd. What can be done to help ease the pain? Changing our eating habits, staying hydrated and exercising! Food can be a major source of relief to joint pain sufferers, but not all food is created equal. Vitamin D is a big help in preventing joint pain. Some foods high in vitamin D are milk, yogurt, and broccoli. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in salmon and walnuts, contain anti-inflammatory properties. Whole grains are also good in helping relieve joint pain. Dried fruit contains good fat which will help relieve joint pain as well. Staying hydrated is also important. It’s common for people to drink less water during the winter months, but hydration is necessary for the movement of joints. Adequate hydration also eases joint pain. So drink up! Exercise is the third key ingredient for reducing joint pain. Moderate exercises such as walking and cycling help to loosen the joints and keep them moving. Even some warm-up exercises can keep the joints from stiffening up in this cold weather.

Key Points:

  • 1Sadly when it comes to winter and getting cold, joint pain will flare up for older people.
  • 2There are actually a lot of foods and drinks out there to help with joint pain for the cold.
  • 3Any kinds of fish and citrus are good foods to have when it comes to helping joint pain.

Increase intake of vitamin D like milk and milk products, vegetables like broccoli in your daily diet during winters as this helps in increasing the vitamin level in the body which is good for one’s bone health.

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