A Guide to Taping a Sprained Ankle

Kaser Nazir, a consultant podiatric surgeon specializing in the foot and ankle, explains how to properly tape a sprained ankle. He demonstrates this with a live human model, drawing diagrams of the interior of the ankle on the person’s skin, and wrapping it with tape. The goal of strapping is to provide extra support that the ankle may need while it is healing. He starts wrapping at the top of the ankle, at the base of the leg. Then he demonstrates how to strap the ankle itself, explaining and showing the figure-eight process that helps to strengthen the ankle joint while it is healing. Next, he shows a third strap that will help to further stabilize the ankle. He ends the taping at the front of the ankle joint. He also points out that pre-made straps are available through various retailers.


Key Points of Video:

  • 1You should always starts at the front of the foot on the ankle making the figure eight across and under the foot.
  • 2When you are wrapping the ankle you can go on under the heel for extra support and should finish at your starting point, at top of the foot in front of the ankle.
  • 3There are already pre made straps that are sold in stores that are just as effective if you find this task too difficult.

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