Hawkes Physiotherapy Lateral Ankle Sprain Video

Have you ever almost tripped- stepping clumsily because you weren’t looking where you were going- while your ankle bends at a strange angle? Or maybe you’ve played soccer and have felt the pain when you step wrong, as you can barely put any weight on your foot? I’ve been there, many times, and it hurts! This informative video shows how you can recover from this horrible injury- called a lateral ankle sprain- with a few stretches that are broken down one by one with great care and clarity. Really, anybody can do these wonderful exercises! These routines will help you recover much quicker from your injury and strengthen the ankle, so you can get back to your normal level of physical activity.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Lateral ankle sprain is rolling of ankle over foot
  • 2Symptoms are pain, swelling, foot can’t handle weight, restricted range of movement of ankle, heat, bruising around ankle.
  • 33 grades- 1. mild stretching of ligament. 2. Partial tear of ligament 3. complete tear of ligament.

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