Health Tip: Help a Broken Toe Heal

Health Tip: Help a Broken Toe Heal

Nobody likes having a broken toe.   We count on our feet all day long to help us function.  Simple things like even trying to walk will be a challenge. Though there are many suggestions for how to combat a broken toe, a few specific steps should be undertaken to help minimize the issue and provide as much comfort as possible.  According to The American Podiatric Medical Association, one should consider some of the following things to help assist efforts.

As a first step, it’s always good to apply something cool like ice to the impacted area. Ice will help keep the swelling down and can also act as natural pain barrier. You are essentially restricting blood flow and providing some very welcome relief.

In addition, you can also help restrict this blood flow by keeping your toe elevated above your heart.  So lie down if possible and get that foot up on a pillow.

It should go without saying, limit standing on the foot or applying pressure on the toe from anything like shoes or blankets.  You don’t want to cause further damage.

Finally, compressing the impacted area with a soft bandage can help provide some stability as well as reduce swelling again. Don’t make your bandage to tight.  Following these steps and you will be back on your feet in no time.

Key Points:

  • 1Even if you’re not sure that your toe is broken, be sure to ice it as soon as possible to prevent swelling and reduce pain.
  • 2For quicker healing, get a medical evaluation as soon as possible and follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • 3Be sure to keep pressure off your foot by keeping it elevated until your doctor says it’s ok to walk.

While you wait to see the doctor, apply ice if you suspect your toe is broken.