How Laser Treatments Can Help Your Chronic Pain

Since 2003, when the FDA approved cold laser therapy to be used to treat chronic pain, thousands of patients have found relief. Using focused beams of light, the tissues deep beneath the skin can be healed and repaired. If your life is affected by chronic pain, you know that any solution that can help with minimal risks is like a dream.

As the opioid crisis continues to explode with more people becoming dangerously addicted to the traditional medications for chronic pain, it’s time for a safer alternative. Addiction to prescription medications can affect anyone. People of all ages, backgrounds and economic levels are struggling to manage their pain and their addictions at the same time.

Laser therapy can help regenerate damaged tissue and reduce inflammation, making your pain more manageable. The focus of laser therapy is on treating physical injury and not just masking the physical symptoms such as pain. Covering the pain with narcotics can be an effective short-term solution, however, when injuries are not properly addressed, the chance of complications from addiction is a real threat.

Laser treatment can give your life back to you without the risks and side effects associated with narcotics. When you are recovering from illness or injury, the goal should always be more than just pain management. It’s your chance to help your body heal so that you can get back to your normal routine. Let’s take a quick look at how laser treatments help your chronic pain safely and effectively.


Improves Tissue Regeneration


The focused beams of light used in cold laser therapy reach the tissues of the body at a cellular level. Instead of just treating the surface or trying to manage the pain, laser treatments can help your body to kick start its own healing. With the improvement of circulation to the injured area, your body can work harder to heal faster.

Laser therapy can help to improve the blood circulation in the area of your injury. Without proper circulation, tissues can struggle to repair themselves. The healing light that is used in deep tissue therapy can help to move vital blood to your injured tissues, helping your body to rebuild and recover.


Reduces Pain


As your damaged cells begin to rejuvenate, you will notice a reduction in inflammation. Irritated and swollen tissue is often responsible for much of the pain due to injury. Over time, many patients have been able to greatly reduce their need for prescription pain medications.

As the tissues begin to repair themselves you will start to experience less pain. This doesn’t always happen overnight but, with continued treatments most patients claim that there is a rapid reduction in their overall pain. Reducing your pain is a great step toward getting back to the life that you have left behind.


Supports Immune System


The long term inflammation that often comes with an injury can take a toll on your immune system. Laser therapy helps to dramatically reduce tissue inflammation, which in turn reduces the stress on the other organs of the body. This can help strengthen your immune system.

With long term injuries, your body can expend a tremendous amount of energy in an effort to heal. With the help of laser therapy, you can give your body a jump start on the healing process, which can help prevent overworking your immune system.


Improved Nerve Function


Injury is recognizable thanks to pain signals that the nervous system sends to the brain. When inflammation and damaged tissues are left unhealed it can cause chronic pain. Laser therapy helps to rapidly repair tissues and improve circulation, both of which can reduce pain levels significantly.

As your tissues heal, your nervous system will get a break. In conditions where the body is in constant discomfort, the signals that are being sent to your brain can get overloaded, making it harder to manage your pain.


 Minimize Scarring


As laser treatments improve blood circulation to the area of injury, your tissue can recover more rapidly. Faster and cleaner healing can reduce the appearance of potential scars. Proper circulation allows your tissue to get the nutrients that it needs to heal stronger and minimize scar tissue. No need to worry about scarring.


 Increased Blood Flow


When your body is dealing with chronic inflammation, it can affect many parts of your body. This kind of stress to the immune and circulatory systems can cause a build-up of plaque in the important vessels of the body. This can lead to issues with heart disease or stroke. Laser therapy can help regulate your blood flow by improving your circulation and vascular health.



Laser therapy along with other non-pharmaceutical treatments are the newest rays of hope for those that suffer from chronic pain. Make an appointment with a laser therapy specialist and start enjoying a pain-free life today.




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