How To Buy A Good Walking Shoe

Walking is one of the most common exercises. A daily walk rejuvenates both the mind and body. When you buy walking shoes you must give priority to comfort over style. If you take a look at your feet you will understand the areas where they need support while walking.

Walking Shoes Should Have Well Padded Soles

First of all, the ankle joints play an important role as they take the weight of the body at each step when the feet touch the ground. So you need a walking shoe which gives good support to your ankles. Buy one that fits well at the ankle and has sufficient padding to cushion it.

The foot proper consists of the heel, a broader flat portion which has the toes and an arch in between the heels and the front.

Some people have a flat foot which means that the arch between the heel and the flat front portion is very little. This condition of the foot can cause a lot of pain while walking and running as the heel to toe movement cannot be carried out easily. People with flat feet tend to throw their entire foot flat on the ground. As a result the shock experienced by the foot when it touches the ground cannot be spread out evenly. This causes pain during walking and especially running. For such conditions you need a walking shoe which has a well padded and flexible sole so that it can absorb the shock while you walk.

On the other hand, some people may have a very high arch between the heel and the flat portion. This condition can also be very painful while brisk walking as a lot of pressure falls on the arch. People with this problem should choose a shoe which has a well padded and soft sole which is also flexible so that it can provide support at the arch while walking.


Good Shoes Make Walking Painless

In order to understand whether you have a flat foot or an extremely arched foot you should dip your feet in water and step on apiece of paper to get their imprint. If the area between the heel and the flat portion is too prominent then you have flat feet. On the other hand, if the area between the heel and the flat portion is not prominent in the imprint then you have highly arched feet.

It is important to know the shape of your feet so that you can buy a walking shoe which takes care of your problem and minimizes chances of pain.

Some people may have extra wide feet. For them walking shoes should be wide or big at the sides to accommodate the feet well.

Also some people have unnaturally narrow heels. Such people should choose walking shoes which offer good padding at the sole so that the heel is well supported to endure the shock when it touches the ground.

Tight Walking Shoes Can Cause Blisters

Most reputed shoe companies and stores have walking shoes to fit every size and shape. They also have experts to advise you on the kind of shoe you need. When you buy a walking shoe see that your toes have enough room space about half an inch at the front part of the shoe. When you try on the shoe, wear your walking socks and move your toes to see if they feel too tight and stuck to each other. If so, you will develop painful blisters and calluses while walking.

Also your ankle and heel should fit well into the shoe. If the shoe is loose at the ankle and heel there will be a possibility of spraining the area while walking or the shoe may tend to slip.

Measure your feet size before buying the shoe and also try both shoes on and walk around in the shop to see if it fits well and allows comfortable walking.

To enjoy your walk you must choose a shoe which offers support at the ankles and provides complete comfort to the feet.


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