Importance of Massages- How Do You Stand to Benefit?

Many people think of massage as a way to pamper themselves. But massages are much more than a momentary feel-good treatment. There are a dozen massage types, and they offer many health benefits to our bodies. Regular massage can help maintain your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Massage therapy helps you to reconnect with your body. Different massage types provide relief from everyday body aches and pains that result from spending too much time at desks, in the field, or from injuries.

Every massage type offers unique health benefits. That’s why it is important to research widely to know what kind of massage will address your needs. At the Wellness Council, you’ll find credible information so that you can decide how to go forward in your wellness and health endeavor. In line with this commitment, let’s discuss the major benefits of receiving routine massage therapy.


Relieving Chronic Pain

Chronic pain refers to pain that persists for more than twelve weeks. This type of pain doesn’t go away, even after taking pain killers. Chronic pain is a severe problem affecting eight out of ten American adults. Individuals with chronic pain can benefit immensely from various types of massage, such as hot stone and deep tissue massage therapies.

Massage therapy helps to increase serotine levels in the body. The majority of the people who receive massages report less pain associated with muscle stiffness, chronic health conditions, and injuries. A massage therapist employs various techniques to relax muscles and release stiff joints.

Massages can also help to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by severe pain, intense fatigue, joint rigidity, headache, sleep alterations, and muscle spasms. A study by the University of Miami School of Medicine established that massage therapy could help improve the quality of life for people with fibromyalgia.


Headache Relief

According to the National Headache Foundation, nearly 30 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. In most cases, migraine headaches are caused by stress and lack of sleep. Numerous studies have shown that massages help to improve the quality of sleep, and thus relieving headaches resulting from poor sleeping habits. Migraine headaches may also result from tension on the neck, shoulders, and head. A massage therapist can focus on these areas to relieve tension that builds up over time.


It Reduces Depression and Soothes Anxiety

In today’s past-faced world, we live with a lot of work-related anxiety and stress from every part of our daily lives. Taking time out of the busy schedule and visiting your favorite spa can help in dealing with the everyday stressors. Some types of massage, such as reflexology massage therapy, are designed to promote body relaxation. As highlighted earlier, massages also increase serotine levels in the body. The serotine is a natural mood stabilizer and also helps in reducing depression and controlling anxiety.


Relieves Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the primary reasons many people seek massage therapy. About half of American adults admit to having lower back pain symptoms each year. Lower back pain accounts for close to 300 million lost workdays each year. Many people experiencing back pain don’t take it seriously until their condition worsens. Besides keeping you from work for a few days, the lower back can also cause disability. But the good news is that a massage therapy session can help in relieving lower back pain. A massage therapist can also help you determine the cause of your back pain and advise you on how you can avoid them.


Helps in Improving Circulation

Massage therapy has many long-term benefits that cannot be underestimated. One of these long-term benefits is improving blood and lymph flow. Improved blood and lymph flow in the body is part of the snowball effect of a regular massage. A good deep tissue massage helps blood to flow to the injured muscles and organs, which promoted faster healing. Besides, the application of pressure on the various parts of the body encourages lymph flow and also helps in eliminating lactic acid in these areas.


Improving Posture

Poor posture is considered the primary cause of back, neck, and muscle pain. Prolonged standing or sitting can cause tension in the neck and the back. The stress in the back and neck can lead to poor posture. Receiving massage therapy can help your body regain healthy posture and body movements.


How Often Should You Receive Massage

The frequency of your massage sessions depends on factors such as your emotional and physical needs and your budget. However, you stand to benefit most from massage therapy if you get them regularly. Typically, receiving massage therapy once every week can help in addressing most of your needs.


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