Improve Balance and Coordination With Easy Exercises

Improve Balance and Coordination With Easy Exercises

Ever feel clumsy or off-kilter? We all have those days, but some people more than others! Having balance and coordination are essential for everyday life, and everyday activities. HealthStatus explains simple ways to improve your balance.

1. Balance On One Leg

This may seem silly, but this is an easy and simple way to improve your balance. Stand on one leg, with the other leg at a ninety-degree angle, and see how long you can hold it. If you’re having problems keeping your balance, then you need to continue on with these exercises!

2. Hands and Knees Balancing

This one is more complicated! Get down on both your hands and knees, in a modified push up position, and stretch one arm out in front of your body and extend the opposite leg behind you. Use your core muscles to keep yourself balanced and try both sides.

3. Use A Balance Ball

By swapping sitting on the couch while watching television or your desk chair at work with a balance ball, you not only can improve your balance and coordination, but you improve your core muscles at the same time! Get abs of steel and great balance at the same time.

4. Try Yoga

This exercise is the best way to improve your balance, flexibility, and strength, while exercising at the same time! From practicing at a studio or at your home, yoga is a great way to calm your mind and body.

Improve your balance and coordination in no time!

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