Improving Your Legs Flexibility

Flexibility is very important in the body as it keeps the joints and muscles healthy. A person with a flexible body can also avoid problems like arthritis as well. Having flexible legs will also aid you in having a strong lithe body.

What Is Flexibility?

Flexibility is the ability of the body to bend without causing injury to the muscles, tendons, bones or joints. A person who is flexible will decrease his or her chances of injuring these crucial parts of the body during exercise. Flexibility also helps improve circulation and makes your body stronger overall.

How Can You Increase Flexibility In Your Legs?

Simple stretches done before cardio vascular exercise can help a great deal in improving flexibility in your body. If you want to improve the flexibility in your legs, you should perform stretches that specifically target your legs for example splits and stretches. You should stretch your legs until the moment that you feel pain. If you feel pain at any point, you must stop stretching beyond that point.

Exercises That Help Improve Leg Flexibility:

Here are some common exercises that help improve the flexibility in your legs:

  • Leg lunges with the body lowered and one leg bent, with the other leg stretched behind
  • Splits with both legs open to their maximum extent on the floor
  • Hamstring stretch by sitting on the floor and trying to touch your toes
  • Standing straight against a wall and holding your foot from your back with the leg bent backwards
  • Calf stretch by standing on a step, and allowing the heel of one foot touch the ground from the step

The importance of flexibility:

Before you begin any cardiovascular workout, like running or aerobics is it very important to warm up your body with some stretches. The muscles and joints in your legs can actually be badly injured if you don”t stretch your muscles before your workout. Flexibility actually decreases the range of motion that your joints have to feel, and therefore your joints don”t have to carry too much load that can injure them. Increasing flexibility in your legs is very important if you are a runner.


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