Increasing Flexibility as You Age

Increasing Flexibility as You Age

If you are doing exercises without stretching and balancing, you are missing the flexibility component in your exercise programs. Flexibility gives you immediate and long-term benefits with fewer injuries and less pain. To help increase your flexibility as you age, work in balance and flexibility sessions every week. Three to six sessions a week would be very beneficial.

With every muscle toning or calorie burning exercises add one flexibility and stretching session. Stretching our muscles helps to relieve tension in your body and does help you feel good. Stretching and flexibility exercises can be a bit on the daunting side at first, and they do hurt just a bit, but with increased coordination you will be able to run on that treadmill, jog or live pain free.

What can Stretching do for You?

Finding it harder as you age to just bend over to tie your shoelaces? Is it difficult to move your head when backing out of parking spots?   You are experiencing aging. Flexibility runs away as you age. There is a decrease in tendon strength in your body and tendons become more rigid. You muscles and joints have difficulty moving. Utilize stretching exercising as least three days a week to bring back your range of motion and provide flexibility. If you lift weights or do aerobic exercise it is essential you stretch to keep muscles from cramping and tightening up.

Stretching improves circulation to your arms and legs, muscle control, increases your sports performance, and escalates your balance and coordination. In addition stretching helps muscles recover quickly from injuries and exercise, adds to your range of motion and decreases the risk of injury. Want to improve your posture, self-esteem and self-confidence? Then stretch those muscles every day. Relax and invigorate your body and improve your overall health.

Limber Up!

Simply stretching in the morning goes a long way in getting muscles ready, blood circulating and time to focus on you. Stretch and you are now invigorated and ready for the day ahead. This is very necessary as you age. Stop the depression, the harm that passing time drops on your body and get up and stretch. A fun stretching exercise you can do just before getting up is:

  • Lay on your back. Reach to your headboard, straighten your legs and imagine yourself being pulled from fingers to toes. Keep your feet flexed to prevent calf cramps and stretch. Hold this pose for at least three deep breaths, release, relax but don”t go back to sleep.  
  • On the edge of your bed, slump over your feet ” “ your natural pose when trying to get up ” “ from your lower back, roll to a sitting position. Roll your shoulders back and look straight ahead. Slowly, slump back into your first position. Do