Injections: Rapid Relief for Knee, Neck and Hip Pain

Do you have knee, hip, shoulder or any other type of joint pain? Have you been to numerous doctors and been living a daily life of taking medications? Do you feel that life is passing you by because you can no longer do the activities that you use to do? If so, injections may be the answer to your prayers. An injection is a mixture of pain medications,typically anesthetic and steroid. A doctor will do a thorough check to decide exactly what medications to use. The common anesthetic helps to reduce the pain short term and the other common, steroid works long term, usually up to a few months. This gives you the chance to follow up with physical therapy and reduce the amount of pain medication that you are likely taking. Please be assured that the doctor performing the injection is not just sticking it anywhere. It is a very simple procedure and the doctor uses a special x-ray machine that allows him/her to see exactly where the injection needs to go. The machine is called a fluoroscope. Injections are a safe and non intrusive method of helping people to diminish pain and move on with their lives.

Key Points:

  • 1Injections for back pain are most common, but injections to the knee, neck, or hip may also provide pain relief and benefits to sufferers.
  • 2Injections can relieve pan and reduce inflammation caused by chronic conditions.
  • 3Injections can be a safe way to reduce the need for opioids to manage pain and enable sufferers to get moving again.

Injections of pain-relieving medication are common for the treatment of back pain — but, in reality, many more painful sites throughout the body can benefit from an injection.”

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