Is This Pain Osteoarthritis?

27 million Americans suffer from the pain and discomfort associated with Osteoarthritis. Your joints deteriorate and the soft cushion between your joints dissolve and mostly are non exsistent as you age. It also causes severe inflammation and excruciating pain.

During the aging process, the cartilage erodes more causing your joints to be bone on bone. This is where the inflammation comes from and obviously it causes the pain as well. There isn’t a know cure for osteoarthritis however, there are many therapies that can help control the inflammation as well as the pain one suffers due to this debilitating condition. It is also recommended you control your weight to alleviate the extra pressure on your joints and maintain your physical activity.


This disease can affect a young person after they have suffered an accident but mostly rears it ugly head around the age of 40-50.

It is more common in females than in males.

It can be found in neck, knees, hands, hips and lower back.

If you notice a difference in range of motion in your joints, popping noises or general stiffness and pain in any of these areas, you may be a victim to osteoarthritis.

If this pain or stiffness occurs and is present for more than a few weeks, it is recommended you see your physician to be evaluated for this condition.

Key Points:

  • 1Osteoarthritis can affect any part of the body but common areas are knees, hands and hips.
  • 2Most people with osteoarthritis notice that they have difficulty with movement, swelling, tenderness and pain in jointed areas.
  • 3The cause of osteoarthritis is the diminishing of the cartilage between joints.

Inflammation of tissue around joints is a common affect of osteoarthritis.

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