Living with Miserable Malalignment Syndrome

Living with Miserable Malalignment Syndrome

Miserable malalignment syndrome almost sounds made up.  When  you first say it out loud to someone they may give you that look like you are talking a different language.  Unless you have it, then you know that the pain is very much real.  There isn’t much information on Miserable Malalignment syndrome, which is very frustrating for a person who has it.  


I started suffering from leg pain that was unbearable.  It was sometimes knee pain that felt like my kneecap was going to explode out from under my skin.  But I also got leg pain that radiated down the front of my shins, feeling like shin splints 24/7. I could barely bend my knees without feeling like the pressure behind my kneecaps was going to make my whole knee pop out off of my leg.  Walking around the neighborhood, or even walking around a store would be miserable. With my malalignment you can visibly see the turning in of the kneecap, and how my knee does not align with my thigh, or my lower leg. Now if someone passed me on the street and I have shorts on my legs aren’t a freak of nature.  That’s why until I had actually been consulted on my leg pain I didn’t think anything was wrong physically with my legs on the outside.

When I first started having these symptoms I had a job where I mostly sat all day. My first thought was it was pain from lack of moving around.  When I would get home from work I would try and take walks or stretch out but nothing seemed to help it.    

I had played basketball for about ten years but when my leg pain started I hadn’t been playing basketball for almost six years at that point.  I went to multiple Orthopedic doctors who told me that there wasn’t much they could do. The first one asked if I had ever been in leg braces when I was a kid.  The answer to that was no, I hadn’t had any of these symptoms till my early twenties.  He also stated that he could break my legs and reset them to correct alignment.  No thank you. The other one suggested physical therapy to help strengthen my upper leg muscles to take some of the stress off my knees.  The physical therapy exercises that I did, did not help.  The pain was still there and constant. I did the physical therapy exercises for about two months before throwing in the towel.  Pain medicines started not having any effect, and I was taking a