Miserable Malalignment Syndrome After Pregnancy

It took a long time for me to diagnose my knee pain as miserable malalignment syndrome.  Miserable malalignment syndrome is when your knee cap and your leg bone doesn’t line up completely straight.  My issue is that my knees turned in but my femur was straight. This caused severe knee pain, and pain radiating down my leg almost like shin splints that were all the time.  Not pleasant. After countless doctors appointments where they pretty much told me nothing was wrong with me, I finally talked with a doctor I knew while working at a hospital that asked me two questions.  Question number one, did I have any form of scoliosis, answer yes. Question number two, had I birthed a baby vaginally, answer yes. So the change in my hips from giving birth, the slight curvature of my spine comes down to misaligned knees.  How crazy.  

So with some exercises and very supportive shoes I was able to manage the pain caused by my misaligned knees.  I would still have days where the pain was horrible. But as long as I kept up with the occasional tylenol and making sure I wore the right shoes the pain would ease and I would continue on.  

Then 10 years after my first pregnancy, I was pregnant again.  My first thought was great now my legs will be even more misaligned, how is that going to work.  Until I started in through my pregnancy and I noticed I very rarely had knee pain at all. I thought with the extra pregnancy weight and just the whole body changes while pregnant that I had no hope.  I was already prepping myself, buying new tennis shoes and getting nice supportive shoes for work. After a few months my family members even started saying that I hadn’t complained about my knee pain recently.  After I thought about it I realized I hadn’t had knee pain throughout most of the pregnancy. Hip pain yes, other pains of course, but my constant pain that I had not pregnant, my knee pain, had disappeared. My first thought was because I was so uncomfortable everywhere else I just wasn’t feeling the knee pain my body was so used to.  Thinking that my knee pain was still there my body just wasn’t responding to it because of all the other pain, I kept wearing my supportive shoes and doing lighter than normal exercises.  

I am now 9 weeks postpartum and the crazy thing is, my knees are no longer misaligned.  Where before when I stood straight you could visibly see clear as day that my knees turned in, they now are completely straight.  I have no knee pain, I can sit on the floor for hours sitting cross legged with no pain. I no longer have the shooting pains down my legs that felt like shin splints constantly.  I can do squats and lunges without feeling like my knee caps were going to pop out of my skin. I almost cannot believe it.  

Do I think my knee pain will return?  I do not know this for sure. My body is still obviously recovering from pregnancy and birthing a baby.  So when my hips return to as normal as they get after pregnancy, my knees may turn back in. I am trying to take this time of no knee pain, though to strengthen the muscles around my knees in hopes to prevent them from misaligning again.  Along with that as I get back to my normal size and lose some of the extra weight my knees may misalign again as well. It is hard to say. I am happy that I no longer have the knee pain that lasted me ten years of struggle. I am pleased that I can now sit on the floor without wanting to rip my legs off afterwards, or feel like I have no strength in them at all.  

I am taking this time to try and strengthen my legs and knees as much as possible to try and prevent the misalignment from coming back.  But if it does, I do know how to handle it and keep the pain at bay.


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Knee pain vanished during pregnancy and has yet to return after delivery.  Fingers crossed that this remains true.

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