Must Have Office Tools for a Healthy Work Environment

A healthy happy workforce is a productive workforce.  Having all the tools we need to work efficiently is a must.   For an office environment this could include adjustable work spaces, the latest computers, easy access to telephones, printers, scanners and even a clean environment.

When we are bothered by aches and pains it is impossible to do our best at work.   Unfortunately, a poorly set up office can impact your health and your productivity.   If your work environment is affecting you negatively in a physical way there are tools you can use particularly to eliminate neck and back pain.

Adjustable Height Chairs — Chairs that can individually adjust can help you maintain a good posture and help alleviate back pain.   The world is full of different sized individuals so being able to customize according to your height and what is comfortable for you is a must.   Are you short or tall?   Are you long legged or do you have a long torso?   All of these effect how you sit and what is comfortable for you.

Hands Free Headsets — Using a headset to communicate within a company or with clients and customers calling into a company will help prevent neck pain.   When we tilt our head to hold onto a phone while typing or doing other activities we can cause muscle strain that is difficult to get rid of.   Particularly if you are tilting your head for hours on end day after day.   The best hands-free headsets will solve your communication issues and prevent your employees from neck pain.   Another added benefit is being able to communicate while you move.   No more being tied to a desk just because you are on the phone.

Adjustable Desks — Adjustable desks are becoming more main stream.   These desks can allow you to work sitting or standing.   This can help ease leg stiffness and promote good posture.   We are more likely to slump while sitting.   Slumping is a cause of back pain.   Being able to choose times to stand and times to sit can help keep your blood flowing to your extremities.

Healthy Snack Vending Machines — Having healthy snack options can keep you from having the sugar crashes and cravings that can affect us all when we eat junk food.   Healthy snacks can also help you maintain a healthy weight.   When you are overweight you put additional strain and stress on your whole body.   You also increase your risk for more illnesses and diseases.

Access to Water — Let’s meet at the water cooler.   We rarely say that anymore.   However, water is one of the best things you can drink.    Your body depends on water to survive. Providing employees with free water can help us get the daily water we need.   Most of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis.   A standard rule for water consumption for an adult is to drink 8 8 ounce glasses of water each day.   This rule does not take into consideration the size of the person or their level of activity which all can impact the amount of water you should drink.   A source of free clean water is a good tool to increase the health of your workforce.

A Clean Environment — A well cleaned office can keep germs from spreading and help stop the spread of influenza and the common cold.   Sanitation is important.   Absenteeism from colds and flu are common.   A good regular thorough cleaning can help stop the spread of germs and bacteria.   While not an actual physical tool sanitation should not be overlooked.

Back pain and neck strain are two common complaints among office workers.   These two ailments lead to an increase absenteeism and decreased productivity.   Acquiring the latest tools can be a good investment for businesses to combat back pain and neck strain.   With the improvements in phone and communication technology there should be no reason why hands free headsets are not utilized more in future business environments.   We are seeing these headsets show up in fast food restaurants and retail establishments for communicating with other workers.

Buying the best quality office tools will promote a healthy work environment and happy healthy employees which will boost productivity a win for both the business and the workers.


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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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