Office Chair Workout

If you have some free time and a chair, you can have a workout at home or at the office. This three-part series of exercises can help tone your body and provide exercise for several major muscle groups including those in the chest, legs, arms, and abdomen. In addition, this workout can be done in a small space (like an office cubicle or a living room) and only takes about ten minutes from start to finish. This video takes you through the three-round process and provides step-by-step tips and commentary along the way. A workout like this can be a healthy break during a busy workday, and it can provide an extra surge of energy to beat the mid-afternoon slump!

Key Points of Video:

  • 1The first key point of this video is an exercise demonstration you can do while in the office where you do a lot of sitting.
  • 2Making sure you have correct posture while doing the exercises.
  • 3Demonstrates three chair exercises and has you do 3 rounds of each exercise that is going to help with you strength, core and posture.

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