4 Reasons A Buckwheat Pillow Is Beneficial For Your Neck And Back

Using pillows is a tradition that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, approximately 7,000 years BC. However, back in those days, pillows were known as a luxury item that only the wealthiest families could afford.

Cavus Foot – Extremely High Arches

Massage Chair For Pain Relief

Are you tired of feeling a constant pain in your body due to your stressful and hectic job routine? If yes, then we have good news for you. A massage chair is an excellent option that provides massage to your whole body to reduce the muscular stiffness that is causing pain. A massage chair can […]

Can You Increase Your Pain Threshold Like An Athlete?

Short answer: Yes! Athletes, after all, subject themselves to physically demanding activities, so much so that they develop an adamant response to pain. In an article published in Men’s Journal, athletes who have undergone intense endurance training are better insulated from pain compared to those who are less into sports.

Pain Management Trends You Should Try This 2020

Pain of any form is uncomfortable, and as living beings, we wouldn’t want to experience it. However, the feeling of pain can be a lifesaver, because they are usually an indication of a bigger problem that needs medical attention. Imagine your body system getting damaged, and due to the lack of pain you’re not aware […]

Exploring Innovative Treatments For Chronic Back Pain

Living with chronic pain can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Over 20 million people in the U.S. are hurting every day, with the largest majority suffering from back pain. Back pain affects both women and men equally and can rob anyone of their mobility and the quality of life that they deserve.

4 Signs Your Mattress Might Be Causing Your Lower Back Pain

There are countless things that can cause lower back pain or aggravate it. If you’re enduring lower back pain, it’s possible that anything from poor posture to a disk injury could be the culprit. One of the likeliest causes is a bad mattress – and, if your mattress is the reason for your pain, there […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Athletes Turn To Chiropractic Care

Top Benefits Of Hand Held Massagers

Living through the Coronavirus pandemic is stressful for everyone. And, stress causes tension. With social distancing protocols and mandatory business closures, it’s impossible to make a simple call to get some physical relief from your favorite massage therapist. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a rub down right at home.

The 6 Benefits Of Investing In A Massage Chair To Improve Your Health And Wellness

Some people think that buying a massage chair is not practical. These people may not be aware of the many health benefits this machine can provide.