Got Pain Try TENS

Are you looking for a pain relief solution? Then maybe you should consider Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). The American Physical Therapy Association defines TENS as the application of electrical current through the skin for pain control. Electrical current to facilitate pain relief is not new. In fact, we can go back to 63 AD in Greece and find […]

Proper Ergonomic Monitor Placement

The computer is an indispensable tool of the modern economy and occupies pride of place in most offices today. With the average time spent daily on a computer ranging from 4 to 7 hours, it is imperative that people understand the importance of the proper ergonomic placement of the monitor. Improper placement of the monitor […]

Warm Up For Good Stretching

Most people who do some kind of exercise or enjoy sports are aware of stretching and warming up. These are light exercises which prepare our body for more intensive exercising or sports activity by increasing our flexibility.

If The Shoe Fits

I am a woman so a lot of the shoes I wear have absolutely nothing to do with comfort and function, they are all about fashion. But when I know I am going to be on my feet for long periods of time, walking, running, or hanging out at an amusement park I am all about […]

Take a few minutes to stretch.

I am probably a lot like you, sitting for way too many hours in front of the computer every day.  Are you losing flexibility in your body and joints that you used to take for granted?  Some days I feel like my shoulders are up around my ears from tension and stress.  I always thought it would […]

Why Did my Doctor Order a Bone Mass Density Test?

In most cases, a doctor will order a bone mass density test because he/she is conscientiously planning ahead so as to spare you from potentially bigger problems down the road; problems that could de-stabilize your skeletal frame in the years ahead.

Maintaining Healthy Bones After 50

“Boney Express” – that was what one woman, a victim of osteoporosis, named her nationwide campaign to call attention to the fragility of our bones as we age. She felt strongly that preventative maintenance as early as age 25 was key; when bone mass density peaks.

Flexibility: To Stretch or Not To Stretch

There is considerable variation in flexibility between individuals. You”ve seen contortionists that get their bodies into those clear cubes and then there is my husband who can barely touch his toes, and he is an athletic fit guy. And then there are variations within the same person flexible shoulders but inflexible hips. There are many […]

Is Pilates a Wise Idea?

If you”ve ever taken ballet lessons, the words “swan”, “elephant”, “breathe”, and the term “pull navel to spine” won”t seem all that unfamiliar. These are the principles that guide the teaching of Pilates: a form of exercise invented by Joseph Pilates, a boxer in England during World War I who helped wounded German soldiers rehabilitate […]

Hands and Feet

HAND IT OFF! Nothing will give away your age quicker than the condition of your hands. Let”s take a look at some tips to try and hold off the ravages of time. Need to cover up age spots? Apply vitamin E oil directly to the spots to fade the discoloration. There is also a product […]