Chronic pain and the use of medications such as opiods are the basis of this article, and that it is just as easy to manage pain without the use of medication at all. Health care is at an odd state as in it never considers or promotes self management as an alternative to pain control as mentioned about. This article talks about how not everyone needs healthcare to control their pain. Its just as viable to learn how to control it yourself. Such fields that do this are weight loss, quitting smoking and maintaining a diet. The main basis of this article is that we do not always consider other options when thinking about solving our problems, we always go to healthcare providers when we could be fixing our problems ourselves

Key Points:

  • 1Not enough emphasis is put on self-care in the medical community
  • 2Opioid’s are more heavily pushed than self care.
  • 3Ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are treated with self managed care

Indeed, the underlying and unspoken assumption is that it is impossible to manage pain well without the use of these medications.

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