Slipped Disc: Risk Factors and Symptoms

Many people, both those who lead active lives and those who are rather sedentary can develop a slipped disc. Spines are made up of vertebrae and cushioned by discs. When the disc is damaged , it is said to be “slipped”. Slipped discs can be caused by accidents, but they are also caused by everyday, normal activities. This issue can cause significant pain, especially if the disc is pushing on a nerve essentially creating a pinched nerve. There are other names for a slipped disc including torn, ruptured, and collapsed discs. If someone has been diagnosed with any of these, then that person has a slipped disc and it can be very difficuldy on the body; however, individuals suffering from this condition should inform themselves of the symptoms and how to overcome the issue. Pain is a common sympton of a slipped disc, but numbness in the arms and in the legs is also a problem. People at higher risk for a slipped disc include those who are sendentary, older, smokers, or who have poor posture. Although a slipped disc is painful, there are things a person can do to help with a slipped disc including taking breaks from activity and from sitting, regular movement, correcting posture, staying at a healthy weight, using a good mattress, and of course, treatment from a qualified doctor.

Key Points:

  • 1Back pain will only get worse if a qualified doctor does not treat it soon.
  • 2Know if you have a slipped disc and where to get treatment for it.
  • 3Learn of all the signs and symptoms of a slipped disc and what to do.

Get back pain treatment from a qualified doctor. Avoiding getting help can lead to pain getting worse.

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