The Prevention Of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs due to pressure exerted on the median nerve. The symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome include tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and fingers. This syndrome can easily be prevented by taking a few measures to prevent pressure being exerting on the median nerve.

What Causes Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

The median nerve is the main nerve of the wrist which passes through the carpel tunnel. When this nerve is compressed due to any reason, it causes a range of symptoms to occur in the hands and fingers which include tingling, pain and numbness. Sometimes this pain can extend all the way to the elbow as well. If this condition is not corrected, the nerve can get permanently damaged. Usually tasks that involve repetitive movements of the hands and fingers such as typing, playing a musical instrument, painting and writing can also cause carpel tunnel syndrome, but it can also be associated with medical conditions such as arthritis, menopause, acromegaly, pregnancy, Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis, obesity and others.

How Can Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Be Prevented?

  • Avoid Repetitive Wrist Movements: If the main cause of the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome is repetitive wrist movements, then these should be avoided as much as possible and the hands should be allowed to rest.
  • Use Correctly Designed Tools: use tools that have been properly designed to reduce injury to your wrists and hands. Improperly designed tools exert pressure on the carpel tunnel in your wrist causing the median nerve to get compressed.
  • Ergonomic Aids: split keyboards, mouse pads, typing pads and keyboard trays should be used in order to reduce the pressure exerted on your wrist. These ergonomic aids have been especially designed to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome from developing.
  • Wear A Wrist Brace: by wearing a wrist brace, the posture of the wrist is maintained and extra pressure is not exerted on the wrists while typing.
  • Take Breaks While Typing: by taking frequent breaks when you are typing, you can allow your wrists and hands to rest and recover. This is very important if at any time your hands or fingers become numb or start tingling.

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