Top 6 Misconceptions About Arthritis Joint Pain, What Really Goes On

Over twenty-five percent of people suffer from osteoarthritis. Genetics, obesity, and lifetime events all play factors in whom it affects, however, age is the largest factor of them all and being a female also makes it more prevalent. Osteoarthritis primarily caused by wear and tear from age, but it is not uncommon to find OA if a patient has undue stress or is obese. The symptoms of OA are evident and include pain and stiffness of the joint, enormous changes in the range of motion, and a grinding sound and feeling whole using the joint. Heavy physical activity can result in further destruction of the cartilage. Not all pain is joint pain. Exercise is also not an agitator of arthritis, rather, in small doses, it can relieve the painful symptoms. Knowing the difference between myths, facts, and the in-betweens is a discussion for the patient and doctor.

Key Points:

  • 1Many people suffer from Osteoarthritis (OA).
  • 2There are many different factors that could lead to OA such as genetics, obesity and different life events.
  • 3There are many myths about OA such as any joint pain is considered arthritis and that you should rest if you have arthritic pain, when in actuality you should be lightly exercising.

Researchers are still not certain that they have all the information about arthritis, and why it affects different people in different ways. Studies have been conducted, and scientists have found some significant factors in the development of arthritis; this includes genetics, obesity, and lifetime events.

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