Total Knee Replacement Surgery

With today’s technology it is possible to totally replace a knee. Done by specialized surgeons, the end of the bones are removed and prosthesis are put in place. Flesh is then stitched back together and a drainage system is put in place in order to regulate the post operation fluids. This procedure is presented in this video by Nucleus Medical Media and many more videos are available. The procedure requires removal of old bones by cutting their bad parts while leaving the good pars of the bones in place. It is recommended for people with medical conditions and older people; it also includes multiple replacements on several different bones.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Total Knee replacement is replacing a natural knee with Artificial components.
  • 2If your Physician has recommended a total knee replacement it is probably because your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury.
  • 3Your surgeon will prepare the bone for installation of the artificial replacement parts.

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Nitin Mahajan
1. November 2017
Nitin Mahajan
1. November 2017
Highly satisfactory for me with regular physical activities at the age of 79. I have completed 10 km race twice only two years back. But for the past one year I have developed problem with right knee as the ligaments are torn, but there is no pain with my walking of 3km and cycling. But I want to come back to my original shape and again compete in 10 KM race.


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