Treatment Of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a condition in which pressure exerted on the median nerve causes numbness, weakness, tingling and even muscle damage in the hand. The median nerve is the main nerve that is present in the wrist that supplies movement and feeling to parts of the hand.

What Are The Causes of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

The median nerve is the nerve on the wrist that is responsible for providing the hand with movement and feeling. The carpel tunnel is that area of the hand through which the median never enters. The carpel tunnel is a narrow space, so if there is any swelling, the median nerve can get pinched and symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome will occur which include tingling, pain, numbness and weakness in the hand.

What Causes Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

This syndrome is very common in people who use their hand or wrist to perform repetitive movements like typing on a keyboard. Sewing, painting and writing have also been known to cause carpel tunnel syndrome.  Other common reasons are acromegaly, bone fractures, arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, Pregnancy, Menopause, obesity and hypothyroidism among others. The condition is more frequent in women than men.

Treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

A splint can be worn to treat this condition for several weeks during the nighttime. if symptoms do not get better then the splint will have to be worn during the day time as well. Hot compresses and cold packs should be applied to ease with the pain. An x-ray of the wrist should be taken in order to rule out arthritis as the cause of compression of the median nerve.


In order to reduce the pain resulting from carpel tunnel syndrome, medicines such as Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed. Injections of corticosteroids given within the carpel tunnel may be able to relive symptoms for a few months.


A surgical procedure called ” “carpel tunnel release”  is recommended to those individuals who don”t respond to medication and splint therapy. This surgery is mostly successful and involves cutting the ligament which presses on the median nerve. 50% of all carpel tunnel syndrome cases can be corrected by surgery.


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