Try Drug-free Options First For Low Back Pain, New Guidelines Say

Try Drug-free Options First For Low Back Pain, New Guidelines Say

People with lower back pain should try some drug free alternatives before reaching for prescription pain killers which come with their own set of complications.  Lower back pain is the most widely recognized reason that Americans visit a specialist, per the American College of Physicians.

For pain that has lasted less than 12 weeks:

Warm wraps
Physical Therapy
Yoga / Exercise

Chronic pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks:


There are dangers of using sedatives or opiates to control your pain.  Becoming addicted to them is enough to give one pause.

Talk with your health care professional before choosing a drug treatment.

Key Points:

  • 1There are several different drug free options that a person can use to treat lower back pain.
  • 2Exercise has shown to be the most effective drug free treatment.
  • 3The goal is to structure non invasive treatments first prior to other treatments.

People with low back pain should try drug-free remedies — from simple heat wraps to physical therapy — before resorting to medication, according to new treatment guidelines.

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