Yes, Your Joints Do Hurt More When It’s Cold Out—Here’s Why

Pain in the joints often is the result of an injury. During the cold weather season, however, many without past injuries have also complained of pain in the joints. There are a couple of theories on why this happens. One such theory is that when the weather is cold the body pumps more blood to the center of the body to warm the internal organs but in turn leaves the outer extremities colder and uncomfortable without the normal blood flow. Another theory is that barometric pressure causes more inflammation in joints and creates pain. It is important to keep warm and warm up properly prior to physical activity in order to lessen this joint pain. It is also important to cool down post activity. If you notice pain despite these best practices, it is important to see a professional to ensure that you do not have an actual injury.

Key Points:

  • 1Joint pain does seem to flare up in people when it comes to the colder weather in fall and winter.
  • 2You will need to warm up the body properly before you work out to help with the joint pain.
  • 3Joint pain in the body can be a warning sign for you to stretch and warm up better before you run

It is important to remember that pain is your body’s warning system, and you need to listen to it

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