Is Your Body Fit Enough to Join the Army?

Is Your Body Fit Enough to Join the Army?

If you have always wanted to join the Army, your body fat calculations should be within a recommended range prescribed by the US Army Standards of Physical Fitness. Even if you don”t want to join, you can still use Army Body Fat Calculations to stay physically fit.

Army body fat calculatorWhat is the Recommended Body Fat Range?

If you wish to join or stay in the US army, you have to have an appropriate amount of body fat in your body. Army Body Fat Calculations can be done by you at home with the help of an Army Body Fat Calculator. This is ideal if you wish to join the Army, as you can determine how much body fat you actually have to reduce in order to reach your recommended range, before you actually get tested by the US Army.

The Maximum Allowable Percentage to Join the US army:

In order to qualify for the US Army, you have to fall within a certain percentage of Army Body Fat Calculations, which are calculated by taking your age, sex, neck size, waist size and if you are female, your hip size into consideration. For males between the ages of 17-27 it is 26%, 28-39 it is 28% and for the age 40 and over it is 30%. For females between the ages of 17-27 it is 32%, 28-39 it is 34% and for 40 and over it is 38%.

Is There a Maximum Amount of Body Fat Percentage to Stay in the US Army?

In order to stay in the US Army, you have to maintain your body fat percentage as well. If your body fat increases more than the recommended Army Body Fat Calculations, then you will be put on a weight loss program.

How is Body Fat Calculated According to the Army Standards of Medical Fitness?

Army Body Fat Calculations are based on the physical size of an individual and they take the height, waist size and neck size for men and the height, waist size, neck size and hip size for women into consideration. Army Body Fat Calculations also take the age and gender of a person into consideration.  


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