Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

BAC or blood alcohol concentration is dependent on the amount of alcohol that you drink, your weight, liver function, gender, food consumed, metabolism, and other variables. A calculator can help you determine what amount is safe over the time period you are going to be drinking, but it is only an estimate.

Put some of your favorite drinks in just for fun and see how the calculator works.

On the calculator, you will log information on things like:

  • Gender
  • Your weight
  • Name or type of drink
  • How many drinks
  • Time period of consumption

This will give you a good estimate of the condition you will be in after your alcohol consumption, but don’t ever assume you will pass a roadside breathalyzer test based on these results. There are just too many variables, and you should never drink and drive.

The most difficult thing to judge is how long alcohol will affect you as it metabolizes in your system. Everyone is different, and many people can be truly drunk on two beers, while others have a much higher tolerance for alcohol. However, impairment can occur at any blood level above 0.0, so even if you feel fine, your judgment and reaction time may be affected.

The alcohol calculator is more of an educator tool that gives you an idea of how much alcohol is in those three Manhattans, and how long alcohol stays in your system if drank over a short, or long, period of time.

Another very important factor that can cause shifts in how alcohol affects you is medications that you take. Some meds, like pain medication, antianxiety agents, antidepressants, and even blood pressure medication can intensify the effect of the alcohol, or vice versa. Even a small amount of alcohol can be dangerous with many medicines.

A blood alcohol concentration calculator is great to estimate the effects of drinking, and to use as an educational tool, but the results do not give you an exact determination as there are way too many variables. Use your head when you plan to drink, and always have a designated driver or some other way home that does not involve driving.

You may start on your way feeling fine, and wake up in a hospital to find out you were not fine after all.


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