Are You Burning Calories Or Losing Fat?

Are You Burning Calories Or Losing Fat?

Burning calories and losing fat is the way to drop weight and gain health and mobility. Experts agree that losing calories will prevent your body from storing fat but how that is done is a bit more technical.

The number one way to lose fat and burn calories is to move more. Exercise, walking running, jogging or biking is the preferred way to lose fat and burn calories. Advice from nutritionists and doctors explain:

Experts on weight loss stress that the more you exercise and the more vigorous the exercise the more calories you will burn.

Take a brisk walk every day. This is one of the most important forms of exercise that someone wanting to lose calories and burn fat can do.

Metabolic rates are elevated during aerobic exercise or walking and continued metabolic activity takes off the weight.

As you exercise you use muscles. This use builds muscle mass and burns calories.

You may also want to consider drinking green teas. One cup of green tea contains zero calories and drinking green tea rather than a caffeinated soda will reduce the amount of calories you take into your body which in turn inhibits fat stores.

Eat small but more numerous meals. Every time you eat your gastrointestinal tract begins to work digesting foods and absorbing nutrients. Calories are burned when you begin digesting food hence the more meals (small) you eat the more calories you burn.

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Whatever you do don’t skip breakfast. Increased body weight is a link between weight, fats, calories and skipping breakfast.

Do be aware that your body either burns fat or carbs and the amount and what is burned depends on the concentration of your activity. Calorie and fat burn is continually occurring even when you are just sitting on a couch. Your body burns fats for energy and calories are needed to produce energy; breathing and living takes energy.

Burning fat to lose weight is dependent on the number of calories burned which includes both fats and carbohydrates. It is also dependent on the intensity. If you were to burn 300 calories per day by a short run you would see more fat and weight loss than if you walked each day for a similar quantity of time. If you are trying to increase fat burning to provide weight loss you need to increase the time you spend exercising or workout at a higher intensity rate.


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