Do Men And Women Process Alcohol Differently?

Do Men And Women Process Alcohol Differently?

When it comes to processing alcohol, men and women are entirely different. Contrary to common belief, men and women of almost the same height and weight do not experience similar effects after consuming equal amounts of alcohol. Studies prove that women are more adversely affected by alcohol abuse. That makes it very necessary for women to understand this particular difference between them and men and reduce their alcohol consumption accordingly.

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Just like men and women are differently affected by various diseases, alcohol-related ailments also exhibit varying levels. Studies and researches conducted over the last couple of decades prove without a doubt that quite a number of ill-health consequences of alcohol abuse develop faster in women than in men.

In general, men are able to handle excessive alcohol consumption better than women. Being larger in build, men have more blood volume and less body fat than women. In addition, men have a higher concentration of dehydrogenase – an enzyme that breaks alcohol down. On the other hand, women have a smaller body size, more body fat, lower amounts of dehydrogenase and regular occurrences of hormonal changes. As a result, women respond faster and with more intensity after a round of drinks.

Why Is There A Difference