Exercises for the Unmotivated

Exercises for the Unmotivated

Are you an inconsistent exerciser? Do you feel proud of your exercise accomplishments one week and discouraged with your lack of progress the next? Here are a few exercise solutions for those days and weeks when you’re not exactly feeling like Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper.

  1. Trade in Your Chair – Here’s an easy one. Trade your chair in for an exercise ball. That way, you still get to work or play on the computer while your abs are turning into a six-pack — or at least into something less mushy. Having a strong core is important for overall health and wellness even if you never get to the point where you’re ready to rock a bikini.


  1. Strike a Pose – Yes, yoga is for you. While yoga is definitely not a throw-away exercise it is certainly adaptable to every fitness level. You may not have 45-60 minutes for yoga, but positive changes are possible with just 5-10 minutes. Don’t underestimate the power of a little yoga. It goes a long way. You’ll feel stronger and more at ease even if you have minutes to spare.


  1. Take a Walk – Walking isn’t exactly a ground-breaking suggestion, but let’s look at walking differently. You don’t have to take one big chunk out of your day to do it. Just be mindful of ways to work more of it into your day. Park further away. Get up and walk around in between tasks at work or at home. You can even set a timer to go off every hour, so you remember to walk the halls or climb the stairs for quick snippets throughout the day.


  1. Use your Breaks – While using break time at work is an excellent idea, there are plenty of other breaks in the day to take advantage of. Why not fit squats or push-ups –or whatever your poison is — into the commercial breaks of your favorite TV shows. Don’t watch TV? That’s okay. Make yourself do 1-3 minutes of exercise in between book chapters. Anyone can make it through 60 seconds of exercise.


  1. Grab a Mop – If you are the I-don’t-exercise-because-there’s-too-much-to-do type you can still find ways to fit exercise into your schedule. Clean the house