How To Be Active For Health

Exercise, that’s how to be active for health, well it’s one way. The best way to lead a healthy adult life is to have led a healthy childhood. Teach your children healthy eating habits with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Meat is good, but too much of a good thing can be bad for you. We tend to eat too many fried meats, or greasy meat like bacon, sausage and hamburger, or processed meats like hotdogs and lunchmeats.

avoid fast foodAlso very important to development of a healthy body is exercise. Make sure your children get plenty of exercise. Far too many kids today spend too much time indoors on the computer or video game console. This is detrimental to their health if they are not balancing this type of activity with exercise.

lose weightIf your kids don’t go outside and run and play then sign them up for some type of activity. Soccer is very popular these days for children of both sexes, and boys still play basketball, football and baseball. Swimming is another healthy activity to involve your children in and this is a sport both boys and girls can participate in.

If you can afford a family pool even better because swimming is one of the best exercises for young and old alike as it works all muscle groups and provides resistance and also provides for a good cardio workout.

Even the elderly can benefit from a swimming pool by merely walking around in the water as it provides resistance that cannot be obtain from normal walking and so it provides a far better workout while being easy on the joints as the water helps take the pressures of gravity off of the body.

healthy dietBeing active for health means being proactive, however, if you are older and already overweight or experiencing health issues, it isn”t too late for you. By developing an exercise regimen and a proper diet, you can lose weight and strengthen your body as well as your heart.

Persons with heart conditions or persons having experienced injuries that prevent certain activities should discuss with their family physician before starting an exercise program. If you are not sure what you should be eating or what the best method of exercise and diet is for you, if you are able to hire a personal trainer or join a gym with a trainer they can help you head in the right direction.

However, if a gym membership or personal trainer is out of the question due to a bust schedule or financial restraints, there is always plenty of information on the internet. It can be confusing and often information will conflict, but keep in mind that if you are doing nothing now, then simply walking around the block is a good start and can do wonders for you.

treadmillIf you do not live in an area that is suitable for walking then perhaps a treadmill or stationary bicycle can help you achieve your goals. If you can’t afford to buy these items, often they can be found online for free at websites such as or As for proper diet, well, it doesn”t take a dietician to know that a piece of fruit is better for you than a handful of cookies when you want a snack and overeating is never a good thing.

So many people sit to a meal and eat until they are full when they do not need to consume that many calories. Familiarize yourself with caloric intake and use so that you can plan your meals so that you do not eat more calories than you burn. The key to losing weight is to consume less calories than you burn it is also advisable to eat several small meals a day rather than one or two (or three or four) big meals. This way rather than storing the calories your body will utilize them. Stored calories become fat.

In summary, the best way to be active for health is proper diet and exercise. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.


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