Need to gain a little weight?

Need to gain a little weight?

Do you have one of those friends who can eat anything and everything and never gain a pound? I think all of us do who have some pounds we want to lose. Well that friend may very much want to gain weight and fill out their thin physic. If you are that skinny person, here are some tips to help you do just that.

Do replace water with fruit drinks and sports drinks that contain calories (not soda which causes more harm than good). You want drinks with calories but not necessarily sugar.

Do eat nutritious foods that are high in calories. Making a food log (just as dieters do) will show you where you need to change food choices you are making to food choices that are higher in calories. Some calorie dense food choices might be potatoes, corn, peas, granola cereal, avocado, peanut butter, olives.

Eat at least 3 balanced meals a day with something representing all food groups at each meal. You must have protein at every meal!!!

Increase portion sizes.

Eat at least 3 snacks a day. Milkshakes, fruit smoothies, ice cream, chips with dip, crackers with peanut butter. Don’t avoid fats, oils and sweets but don’t over indulge either. You want to add calories that have nutritional value.

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You must eat more calories than you are expending. People who need to add weight just don’t eat enough. So increase your calories: when eating a sandwich add avocado, cheese and salad dressing to your sandwich to boost the calories; when having cereal add fruit to your bowl; when having pasta add meat to the sauce. Keep adding things on to your snacks.

Keep aerobic and cardio exercise to a minimum.

Do weight lifting. Weight lifting creates bulky muscles that will help fill out that thin build. You want fewer reps high weight.

Remember people who have trouble gaining weight usually have an extremely high metabolic rate that makes consuming more calories than you need tough. Eat often, add extras to your meals (dips, condiments, salad dressing), and lift weights to create muscle bulk.

Checking with your physicians to make sure you don’t have a medical condition is a good idea if you are still having trouble gaining weight.


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  1. aliya Reply

    well i am a skinny girl and i am fedup of being thin . so i am goin to follow this tip very seriously to see what its like to have a little size.because even if you are healthier being skinny ,it is not nice .so i hope this works.

  2. midgey Reply

    im 13 and im totally sick of being skinny!!! im totlly flat and i just want to have a firgure! even my 11 year sister has a chest and a figure!!! i really hope this works

  3. Anonomys Reply

    Im 19 and i’ve weighed the same since 6th grade (98lbs) and i’ve never gained or lost any significant weight until i ended up in the hospital and lost 10lbs yikes i was already under weight and now its even worse so im hoping this can help

    1. Anonymous

      omg, last year I ended up in the hospital and lost 10lbs too. Still haven’t been able to gain it back and i’ve been sitting at 97-100lbs ever since. I wish I could have the figure of the “average woman” as the ads about loving your body say. People may glorify being skinny, but how many skinny people actually want to be at a weight where getting sick for a week could put you at so low a BMI that your health is threatened even after you recover from the illness? I’m totally going to be following these tips.

  4. Rohan Arora Reply

    Great article.
    One can gain weight the healthy way by eating a calorie surplus that includes high calorie whole foods like chicken, eggs, whole wheat breads, working out with compound movements and getting adequate sleep.

  5. Tiakeia Reply

    My problem is that it seems that it is hard for me to eat with out it seems like it wants to come could it be the foods i choose to eat or should i try to seek medical help at this point i dont know what to do. the more i eat it seems like more weight i loose

  6. Apetamin Reply

    Eating more food inevitably leads to weight gain. However, it can be challenging to increase appetite so as to eat more. In that case, it may be good to get a good appetite booster supplement.

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